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2008-12-22 22:45:30 by muttdogg

Me and my bud from Auburn, WA decided to hang out a the CSP school down a couple of blocks. We threw the oId pig skin around for an hour and (of course) Bryan was freezing his balls off, so I suggested that we visit our local Safe Way that was a hop, skip and a jump from where we were. And every time he'd ask " How far is it now", I'd just say " Oh, it's that way" and point in a general direction.
Over time he would try to make a snow angel in the frozen snow, turning out to him, making a snow-ass impression. later on, we reached a creek of sorts that stood between us and Bryan's non-bitching. However, Bryan, being the one whose hands were freezing cold, had to get up to the asphalt first. So, instead of stepping on a patch of dirt held back by roots, he had to leap on snow that was on a slope. So, he lost his shoe that he insisted on never tying, into the creek. But luckily, I was there to save the shoe, but not before it was full of murky mud-water. Then he almost lost his phone on the edge of the snow after his stunt. So after all that crap, we went into the store and Bryan had to get this Chinese food shit, that used up the last of my $5.00, after my Dr. Pepper fix of course.
After that I wanted to go to the skate park at the end of Main St. but Bryan had other plans. He wanted to pussy out and go home 'cause he was cold . So, in retarded fashion, I decided to traverse around th BGHS instead of simply cutting through the Les Schwab!! So, in the end, we wasted 3 hours of petty stupidity and my mother never knew about it!!!! So I say it was a good day.
Mutt Out


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2008-12-22 23:01:46

lol fucking funny


2009-01-19 23:43:00

Its funny hehe