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Sea Shore brain sore!!!

2009-03-03 22:02:11 by muttdogg

Ahhh the beach, a place of peace, love and deep thought-- if you can get there!! Last weekend, I couldn't tell whether or not I was in a comedy or on the verge of dying from exhaustion and hunger. You see, my family & my friend decided to take up an opportunity my neighbors gave us. They have a " Beach house" that they was currently not in use. So we packed our shit (for three weeks I shit you not), and headed out towards Long Beach, WA.
The trip down made no sense whatsoever: we drove all the way down to Oregon, made our way to Astoria, went over the Colombia River towards long beach and then went on a wild goose chase attempting in vein to locate the "Beach house" in pitch black somewhere near Ocean Park!! You could tell how this ended up. Eventually, we made it to the house (which, indeed it's close to the shore, however, not as close as I perceived it). Now, trying to nourish our empty stomachs was another story.
IFSUN almost every freaking business shuts down at like 7:00PM! Now, I understand that this particular area is a seasonal region-- But that is no excuse when honest people, such as myself, have been driving non-stop for what seemed like a whole day (3.8 hours, give or take a couple of minutes), and the whole damn peninsula is closed for the night. Thank G. we found a pizza place that would stay open for us and a posse of teachers my parents knew from where we lived.
Any way, the next day we went up to Long Beach to sight see for a while, kicked my friend's butt on go-karts and spent the rest of the evening playing at the local arcade. A nerd's sanctum. So I guess it wasn't that bad-- just make sure you go there when it's summer so the stores are open!!

Thanks again,


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