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To the geeks we cringe for...

2008-12-18 01:50:18 by muttdogg

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This was a project that I made for a class. I made it in MS Power Point, then convereted it into a .wmv file on MS Movie Maker Took a long time to make it work so enjoy.

Fucking Snow!!!!

2008-12-17 14:17:54 by muttdogg

Well, it finally happened (again), snow fell before our humble town so much that the dumb-asses up at District Office finally made an intelligent decision and closed school. However, now my BFF's mother won't let him come over and chill for the pathetic excuse that "It's icy outside." What kind of dummy made that assumption? Well I better get off now before I rip my computer out from the socket and hurl it in his general direction so...
Mutt out!!

Fucking superb!!!

2008-12-16 22:23:56 by muttdogg

here is a pic, enjoy!!!@

Fucking superb!!!


2008-12-15 20:14:38 by muttdogg

AHHh! I hate this fucking school district! we have three fucking inches of ice on our driveway and I have to go to school. what kind of idiot walks out of their house, slips and falls on their balls, and says that us douches must die from ignorance and frozen dicks!! This, is bullshit!
Mutt Out


2008-12-14 21:29:36 by muttdogg

We Just had our first snow here in Battle Ground today and by the looks of it, we most fortunately will not be attending school for this week anyway. As you know, Christmas is coming up and to get into the spirit of things, my friend is burning a christmas tree in sacrifice of the holy Santa. let this be known, he is only six.
Mutt Out!


2008-12-01 00:07:24 by muttdogg

Sup You!
Just th' Mutt man giving you a shout out. So.... What's up n***a! (friend, I'm not racist. lol)